Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture is one of many modern farming practices that make production more efficient. Information on weather patterns, soil temperature and humidity, growth, and other factors contribute to the success on farming. Precision agriculture technologies include the accurate application of nutrients, water, seed, and other agricultural inputs to grow more crops in a wide range of soil environments. This can help farmers know how much and when to apply these inputs.


Nanodevice offers wireless monitoring system, global positioning systems (GPS) and GPS-computer guided tractors and harvesters.  The company continually develops technologies which include:  electromagnetic soil mapping, soil sample collection, soil moisture monitoring, nutrient detection, crop yield data collection, aerial imagery, crop or soil color index maps, soil types, soil characteristics, drainage level and potential yields. With these technologies, Nanodevice empower farmers to produce more food at a fraction of the cost, conserve soil for sustainable food production and improve income.